Animal Face


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29.31% THC, Hybrid
Packaged 1/27/21

**Keith's Pick of the Week**

Grown by: Fig Farms
Bred by:
Seed Junky
Face Off OG x Animal Mints
Tasting notes:
Kiwi, black licorice, paint thinner, yellow fruit loops

· Neon green, kush shaped flowers. Often fades to pink and purple tips

· Greasy to the touch. Big oil rings on joints

· High intensity early onset, relaxed after-effect

· Complex flavor, you will taste something different every time

· Very difficult to hide this flower, people will smell it on you before and after you smoke it

Licensed Delivery Partners:
Los Angeles: C10-0000107-LIC
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Marin: C9-0000105-LIC
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