Animal Mints Ivory


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25.01% THC, Hybrid Indica
Packaged: 12/30/20

Grown by: Fig Farms
Bred by: Seed Junky
Lineage: Wedding Cake x Animal Mints F1
Tasting notes: Rubber ball, lemon garnish, table butter

We run two seed-hunted phenotypes of Animal Mints Bx1.  One kept its birthname of Animal Mints Bx1 and the other we call Animal Mints Ivory.

The Ivory phenotype was named Ivory because of the color of its crystals. The Ivory's pinecone shell is brittle and shivers its oversized round crystal heads off when broken down. The crystals are rough and sturdy and can withstand being touched and rolled. The Ivory is one of our lowest yielding plants, every nug is overstuffed with plant power. Modern hype meets connoisseur grade complexities with our Animal Mints Ivory.

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